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  • My name is Sofia and I was named after a french poodle.  Save for my grandmother, no one in my old life calls me Sofia.  I am mad about anything techie and I am a one-woman roaming stationery cupboard.
  • I have a son who’s 13 in body and 31 in mind.  He burned all his energy in childhood, so now he’s the most laid-back individual in the world, unless his hormones are poking him, of course. He lives in X-box Live.
  • I have a husband who is 31 and 13 in mind.  He thinks only in tv and film references.  He’s English, but if he were American, he’d married a car by now.
  • I’m madly in love with my little black cat Moss and his long-suffering sidekick, Dallas the dog. 
  • I am a baker at heart and cook more than anyone should.  I will never watch enough film and television.  I am the proud owner of endless half-filled journals and unprinted photographs.  Art completes me and an art attack monster is always trying to burst out of me a la Alien. 

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